Friday, 31 December 2010

The Creativity Star

The Creativity Star

Yesterday, I realized that my career path in Web Analytics took a major side step: while I know how to implement and use the the tools inside and out, I cannot give examples of when I gather insight.   Even though I keep up to date on all the latest into analytics, my 9 - 5 job consists of implementing the tool; not the actual insight.

That is where this blog comes into place.  I am disappointed in myself for focusing on SiteCatalyst for the past six months and have completely ignored GA.  While this blog will not be dedicated to GA insights, I will use GA to gather data about my fellow bloggers.  This blog will be dedicated to Web Analytics in general, while giving examples around GA and SiteCatalyst.

A little about myself, I am a published writer for two separate magazines, writing about the needs for Web Analytics within the business world and currently a mentor for the Web Analysis Exchange (which I will focus during my next post).  I have been in the business for the past two years, focusing on implementation of the tools for multiple businesses (e-commerce, services, sales, surveys, and TV setup boxes).  

Last weekend, I read a wonderful blog post by UNICA, asking Jacques Warren three general questions about Web Analytics: Did Measurement Kill the Creativity Star.  This post made me think about how we are using data within the business I work for; does the analytical data we supply actually keep our marketing department from coming up with new campaign strategies.  The honest answer is YES. When we were first switching to SiteCatlayst, I noticed that the marketing department would want new tools or start a new marketing strategy just because they had a gut feeling that it COULD benefit the business without actually showing proof that it WOULD work.  Now, instead of following their gut, they are showing proof from actual analysis.

So did Measurement kill the Creativity Star; NO!  Measurement ensured  people took responsibility for their own decision and helped the creativity star to be more creative.  Jacques, this blogger salutes you in showing that measurement is a benefit for everyone, not a star killer.

I hope everyone has a great New Years, when I will update this blog again.  If you have any suggestions on the direction of this blog, please let me know.